Numbering of Courses

Courses at ENMU‑Roswell are numbered according to classification. Acceptance as transfer credit at another institution is at the discretion of the receiving institution. Courses numbered from 090 to 099 are remedial courses; 100 through 199 are primarily for freshmen; and 200 through 299, for sophomores.

Students should select courses according to their classification but may take courses one bracket above their classification, i.e., freshmen may take 100 and 200 numbered courses; sophomores, 200 and 300; etc. Permission to do otherwise must be secured from the vice president for Academic Affairs. Courses numbered from 100 through 299 are termed lower‑division hours. Courses from 300 through 499 are termed upper‑division hours and are normally taught in Roswell only on an extended degree or instructional television basis through ENMU.