Instructor Training and Support

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New Online Instructors

If you will be teaching an online course or using a supplement for the first time, please contact your Division Blackboard mentor to set up a one-on-one training.

It requires less time to adapt a course that has already been created, or to use an ePack to create a course that only has test banks available from the publisher. Creating a course from scratch is a wonderful experience, but you need four to six months working steadily to do it well. Of course you will tweak your course as you test drive it.

Three New Instructor Scenarios

  1. Adapting a course someone else has developed
  • Syllabus
  • Date changes on assignments and quizzes
  • Additional resources you want to provide
  1. Using an ePack or publisher materials
  • Do you have a copy of the ePack or test banks? Are there instructor resources on the publisher's Web site you would like to use?
  • Are the test banks ready, or do they need to be converted?
  • Syllabus
  • Discussion Board
  • Additional resources you want to provide
  • Dates and instructions for assignments, quizzes
  1. Building a course from scratch
  • Plan the course including audience, objectives and goals (outcomes), content, assessment
  • Build the course: syllabus, Discussion Board, Assignments, Quizzes
  • Test and tweak the course

Scheduling an initial session of 1.5 to 2 hours gives you enough information to begin setting up your course. After that first training session, your questions can often be resolved on the phone or via e-mail. We can always schedule additional sessions if you need them.

Training covers (as needed)

  • Creating or adapting course materials for online instruction
  • Preparing and checking the browser for use
  • Logging in and navigating
  • Using Help--what is available and how to use it
  • Building the course
  • Using the tools
  • Teaching online vs. teaching in the classroom
  • Managing the course
  • Backing up your course

Checklist for New Instructors

Your lead instructor or division mentor can usually assist you with these items, but you are welcome to contact Pam Patterson if you need information or assistance.

  • Campus e-mail account: Complete a request form available at the Help Desk inside the Library.

For the training session, if you will be:

  • Creating a course from scratch, please bring a course outline or syllabus with you for training
  • Using and adapting a course another instructor has created, bring a course backup on CD or USB flash drive to your training session
  • Using an ePack or publisher materials, please bring that content to your training session on CD or DVD

If you are preparing a supplement for a face-to-face course, you will need a syllabus, and whatever else you want online for students' use. Some instructors make lecture notes, assignments and quizzes available online. Check with your division's office for content you need to include in a supplement shell.