General Requirements

In order to allow sufficient time for the preparation of registration materials, students should apply for admission at least six weeks prior to registration. Although ENMU-Roswell is considered an open enrollment institution, it benefits the student to have the following documentation submitted to and reviewed by the Admissions and Records department staff to assist advisors with proper advisement and placement into classes, and for processing and awarding of financial aid:

1) A completed application for admission;

2) A high school transcript from an accredited institution (North Central Association and/or the State Department of Education); or

A satisfactory score on a high school equivalency test, and/or completion of the ACCUPLACER Placement Test (see information in the following section)

3) Official transcripts from all previous colleges, universities, and technical-vocational schools attended

4) Students graduating from a home school program or other non-accredited agency will be considered for admission with the following stipulations. Students of non-accredited programs who have not obtained a high school equivalency might not be eligible for certain types of financial aid.

  1. a) High school cumulative GPA of 2.5 or above AND
  2. b) ACT scores of 15 or above, OR
  3. c) Completion of a high school equivalency credential.

Students transferring to ENMU-Roswell with fewer than 30 semester hours of acceptable transfer credit must also have official high school transcripts from accredited institutions sent to ENMU‑Roswell.

Official transcripts are those sent directly by an official of the high school and or college(s)/technical school(s) to the ENMU-Roswell Office of Admissions and Records. The University cannot accept copies of transcripts in a student’s possession. All transcripts must be submitted to the Office of Admissions and Records by the end of the first regular semester. A hold will be placed on the files of those students whose files are not complete. Students will be prevented from registering for future semesters until their files are complete. A student misrepresenting or failing to disclose information in the completion of the admission form will be subject to disciplinary action and possible dismissal from the University.