ENMU-Roswell Foundation Board Members

Top left to right: Steve Henderson, Charlie Blanco, Jim Waldrip, Dixie Edwards, Bob Cates, Joe Kelly, Jon Hitchcock, Jose Chavez, Al Pitts, Judy Armstrong

Bottom left to right: Morgan Nelson, Betty Patton, Kay Rogers, Laurie Jerge

Not pictured: Bob Armstrong, David Duer, Sonny Espinoza, Tom Krumland

Foundation Board Members

Betty Patton, President

Kay Rogers, Secretary

Jon Hitchcock, Treasurer

Judy Armstrong, Member

Robert Armstrong, Member

Eloise Blake, (ex officio)

Charlie Blanco, Member

Jose Chavez, Member

Sonny Espinoza, Member

Larry Harris, Member Emeritus

Steve Henderson, Member

Laurie Jerge, Member

Joseph Kelly, Member

Brett Leach, (ex officio)

Dr. John R. Madden, (ex officio)

Morgan Nelson, Member

Al Pitts, Member

Jim Waldrip, Member

Ray Willis, Member