Division of Liberal Arts

Liberal Arts Programs

The Division of Liberal Arts is a broad curricular unit organized to emphasize the essential harmony of the social, cultural, and scientific efforts of humankind. Within the rationale of liberal education, its principal purpose is to help students realize personal, professional, and occupational objectives. All units of the division offer courses for general and liberal studies. Strong emphasis is placed on courses that will provide communication and citizenship skills which enable students to participate effectively in a democratic society.

The Mission of ENMU-Roswell, Division of Liberal Arts is to provide excellent general education common core and other liberal arts programs that are the preferred choice of students committing to their first 2 years of higher learning.

Setting an aggressive and transformative “student success” agenda for the next five years, The Division of Liberal Arts has adopted the following four goals as the core of their Strategic Plan:

Expand and Maintain Access
Enhance Distance Learning
Increase College Readiness and Success
Prepare students for Careers

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