Center for Workforce and Community Development

The Center for Workforce and Community Development at Eastern New Mexico University-Roswell seeks to be the nations leading hands on community and business learning center. The Center provides an opportunity rich setting where workforce and community work together to promote higher levels of learning for today’s diverse business environment.

The Center advances and disseminates knowledge through customized training, small business incubation, career placement and skills assessment with an emphasis on certification. The Center specializes in assisting small communities in the development of strategic planning processes. This includes development of a comprehensive database of economic development information that is maintained by The Center. It also works with industry alliances and individual businesses to provide information and resources that are not readily available. The Center works to enhance the ability of area universities and their partners to conduct meaningful rural development research and outreach projects. It is our mission to develop standardized systems, programs, and benchmarks that can easily be adapted and incorporated in a variety of settings allowing integration region-wide.

It is our mission, through the services provided by The Center, to help communities develop plans and create activities that allow for sustainable economic growth as well as provides data and resources to communities and other parties that are involved in economic development that will allow them to recognize trends and adjust accordingly. The Center is the mechanism for bringing local, state, and national resources to the economic development process for a more effective and efficient use of tax-payer dollars. Finally, without this assistance, solutions would not be as cooperative or as cost-effective, and many of the areas would not be able to participate in planned economic growth.

To find how we can help you or your organization please contact us at 575-624-7336 or 575-624-7049.