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Aviation Maintenance Technology is a challenging career field with excellent employment opportunities. At ENMU-Roswell we offer:

  • The only FAA Part 147 A&P school in Southeast New Mexico
  • 14.5 month Certificate of Completion Program
  • Advanced Composite Repair Training
  • Boeing 727 Familiarization Training
  • Reasonable Tuition
  • Operational Aircraft
  • Hands-On Training
  • Cessna Approved Composite Training Certification

The Aviation Maintenance Technology (AMT) program runs approximately fourteen and a half consecutive months, making this program one of fastest and most competitive in terms of completion time available. We believe that by training students and preparing them for FAA licensure in the shortest time frame possible, we provide a gateway to careers much sooner and in a more cost effective manner than other AMT training programs. Because of this schedule, please consult AMT faculty, academic advisors, or the Career and Technical Education Division concerning semester start dates. Completing courses in the sequence and schedule offered is critical to successful completion of the program.

Upon successful completion of the FAA FAR Part 147 program, students will be issued a certificate acknowledging the student’s eligibility for FAA testing. Students seeking an associate of applied science degree must also successfully complete additional general education classes. Applicants for an associate of applied science degree who are currently FAA Airframe & Powerplant certificate holders may apply their A&P certificate towards the AMT portion of the A.A.S. degree.

Please note that mandatory drug screening is required prior to the first week of the program and will be scheduled by the AMT faculty. Students must pass the mandatory drug screening in order to remain in the program.

AMT Program Plans

Aviation Maintenance Brochure (2013)  Aviation Maintenance Brochure


For information on graduation/degree requirements, call 575-624-7142.


A Success Story

greg otero

At 52 years of age, Greg Otero has been around the world a few times and he has the stamped passports to prove it.  Among other places, he's especially enjoyed his trips to Spain, Germany, Italy, and Japan. "I've seen some amazing stuff," he said. Now a Supplier Quality Specialist with Boeing's West Region office in Mesa, Arizona, Greg received his start in the aircraft industry at ENMU-Roswell.  He graduated from the Aviation Maintenance Technology program in 1986. He started his career at an aircraft service company in Albuquerque, and from there the job opportunities kept coming.  He has worked at repair stations from South Miami to Los Angeles. With a 98 percent 'fix it' rate and a 99 percent diagnosis rate, Greg later worked at DynAir in Phoenix. He supervised three crews completing seat checks and engine runs on 727's and 737's. As an employee of Boeing for the past 15 years, Greg has trained for the advances in airplane technology and lighter composite materials, like carbon fiber. He recently worked in Italy on the new 787 Dreamliner. Greg said Boeing has been good to him and he's excited about what the future will bring. "There is no other way to go but up," he said. "The aviation industry in Asia will double in the next few years."

While visiting the campus recently, Greg took some time to talk with current AMT students. He said his training at ENMU-Roswell gave him good basic knowledge about aircraft repair, the right tools to use, and where to look to find the correct information. He told students the most important trait they need to be successful is flexibility. It all depends on what they want to do and how far they want to go. "There's no end to it. If you want to do it, you can see everything. If you continue to do training, you will get the opportunities. They will come looking for you," he said.

As for his employment future, Greg intends to stay with Boeing’s western region so he can be closer to his family and friends in Roswell.


Juan Salmon: juan.salmon@roswell.enmu.edu, (575) 624-7022