The FAA is looking for motivated, decisive, confident, and committed individuals who are searching for a career change. Eastern New Mexico University Roswell is one of thirty one certified ATC-CTI schools across America and can aid you in your path to becoming a controller with the Federal Aviation Administration.


The primary purpose of the ATC system is to prevent a collision between aircraft operating in the system, to organize and expedite the flow of traffic, and to provide support for the National Security and Homeland Defense Operations.

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I first heard about ENMUR over the internet directly on the FAA website. This was one of the thirty colleges across the country that offered a degree in Air Traffic Control. The point of contact (at the time Craig Collins) was very helpful in relaying information about the program directly to me via email, such as enrollment dates, degree plans, information for financial aid... etc. After I had expressed my interest to him I had most of my initial questions answered promptly within the first few days.
How did you hear about Eastern New Mexico University (ENMUR)?
I decided on ENMUR because I attended high school only a few blocks away at New Mexico Military Institute; I know the city very well and I was familiar with Eastern. The location was my main concern at that point, as I didn’t want to move across the country for a school I knew nothing about. I also considered the time it would take to complete the degree. Most of the CTI schools are four year Bachelor’s Degrees, while this is only a two year Associates. I have previous college experience so I didn't need a four year. Additionally, the school has also proven to be very cost efficient.
Why did you choose ENMUR over other various approved CTI schools?
Yes, I actually just had a son who is now six months old. I work very hard to maintain A’s in all 18 credit hours, so my schedule is very demanding.
Do you have any extracurricular activities or prior obligations?
No, I have had no prior experience in aviation, but that has set me back at all. I will acquire all of the necessary knowledge within the two years at ENMUR.
Do you have previous aviation experience?
I have selected this career because I had been in college for two years and wasn't passionate about anything until I heard about this particular profession. I have always had a general interest in aviation and I feel I could do extremely well in the field. I also have family members who are currently working as air traffic controllers and have heard nothing but good things.
Why have you chosen a career in Air Traffic Control?
I am not at all concerned about the "stress" many people associate with this field. I have been to control towers and seen, first hand, the daily workload required and it just doesn’t seem out of the ordinary for me. I strive for perfection in the things I do and this is definitely one job that pays for precision.
Are you worried about the stress of the job?
Our Instructor, Deborah Abingdon has set up direct contact for Steve, an experienced air traffic controller that we can email at any time with various questions we may have. The class is also welcome at the local tower here anytime we would like to visit. Instructor Abingdon also has an open door policy and we are encouraged to contact her with any questions or concerns that might come up.
If you have general questions what support aids does the university offer?

Contact Deborah Abingdon ( for more information