• www.liveatc.net
    At this site an individual may access and listen to live ATC conversations happening in the United States.
  • www.atcmonitor.com
    This is a great site to visit for updated information from public hires, CTI graduates, and former military individuals who are currently employed or are in the process of hire.
  • www.stuckmic.com
    Great site that provides air traffic control (ATC) information to air traffic controllers, pilots, academy students, and those interested in becoming an ATC.
  • www.thirtythousandfeet.com
    This is a directory website with links to aviation sites, news, FAQs, newsgroups, and more.
  • www.amfly.com
    Offers live ATC coverage and weather patterns.  Here you can follow aircrafts patterns and reroutes to their destination.
  • www.natca.org
    Here is where you can find everything in ATC from how to sign up, rules and regulations, CTI certified schools, and other basic aviation and ATC news.
  • www.faa.gov
    If these sites have not adequately answered your questions, you may view this website to research ATC further.  The FAA’s website has all the updated information regarding a career in ATC.