About Business Administration

It is our mission to prepare students for greater contributions to society through the Business Administration program. Whether pursuing a certificate, an associate’s degree, or transferring to a 4-year university to complete a bachelorette degree, ENMUR is the institute of choice as students commit to their first 2 years of higher learning.

The major benefit to students is a solid foundation in business principles and theory that can be used in the workplace, or for continued educational pursuits. Opportunities also are provided to learn and enhance marketable skills in the areas of interpersonal relations, leadership, and technical applications. The associate degree leads to entry-level positions with the opportunity for advancement. Students are encouraged to work toward bachelors and masters degrees in business to increase their marketability.

The Associate of Business Administration (ABA) Degree caters to students’ preferred modes of learning and diverse work and family obligations. Online courses increase location and scheduling options that allow students from around the world to participate in the program, although all degree requirements remain available in the traditional classroom setting.  We recognize that some students need face-to-face interaction while others excel in the self-directed online environment.  With either mode of learning, students receive excellent instructional support from competent and caring instructors.

Associate of Business Administration (ABA) Degree

The Business Assistant Administrator certificate is a 3 semester program including all essentials needed to equip students to assume positions ranging from entry-level clerical and reception support for the administrative and program staff, including answering telephones, greeting clients and visitors, making appointments and referrals, word processing, and filing in to provide assistance to the department head in administrative areas which could involve limited supervision.

Business Assistant Administrator Certificate of Occupational Training

Transfer Information

In higher education, articulation is the process of facilitating the automatic transfer of agreed-upon courses from one institution to another. This means that a student can take courses at colleges and universities across the state knowing which will be accepted at other institutions if the student moves or continues to advance his/her education.

Representatives from both two year and four year colleges, universities, technical institutes and the state formed the New Mexico Business Administration Articulation Committee.  This committee developed the Business Administration module that includes the commonly accepted general education core. Please visit The New Mexico Higher Education Department website with links to institutional websites for articulation agreements in support of advisors and students.

The A.B.A. degree at ENMU-R has been developed according to the guidelines set forth by the New Mexico Business Administration Articulation Committee. All courses within this degree are selected from the transfer module that is intended to serve as a guide for students interested in transferring from a two year to a four year institution to obtain a degree in Business Administration.

Students, who have decided on a Business Administration major and an institution at which to continue their studies in achieving a bachelor’s degree, should consult with an academic advisor at that particular institution to determine the most appropriate course selections. Students enrolling for the first-year of study at Eastern New Mexico University Roswell and considering possible transfer into another institution are encouraged to take the courses approved for transfer during their freshman and sophomore year of study.

Eastern New Mexico University (ENMU)-Portales
For further information about bachelor’s degree options, contact ENMU-Portales’ College of Business at 575-562-2342. Eastern New Mexico University - Transfer Guide

New Mexico State University (NMSU)
For further information, contact NMSU College of Business at 575-646-6028. New Mexico State University – Transfer Guide

University of New Mexico (UNM)
For further information, contact the University of New Mexico, at 575-277-0111.University of New Mexico – Transfer Guide

New Mexico Highland's University (NMHU) For further information, contact 1-800-338-6648.

New Mexico Tech (NMT) For further information, contact NMT at 575-835-5011.

Western New Mexico University (WNMU) For further information, contact 1-800-872-WNMU (1-800-872-9668), extension 6106.