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Non-degree Status

Students wishing to take credit courses, either evening or daytime, without meeting the full requirements for admission to an undergraduate program may apply for non-degree status in the University or in any of its off-campus programs, providing the following qualifications are met:

  • Students under the age of 23 requesting non-degree status must be high school graduates, or have their GED.
  • Students 23 years of age or older may enroll in University courses on non-degree status without meeting the regular entrance requirements.
  • Students who wish to register on a non-degree status must file an admission form which includes the following information:
    • Former high school and colleges attended, with information regarding class standing in those institutions.
    • A statement of intention to register as non-degree.
    • A statement with regard to academic standing in former colleges attended.
  • The non-degree student is subject to all ENMU-Roswell policies and regulations governing registration, attendance and academic standing.

Admission to classes with prerequisites, if those prerequisites have not been satisfied, requires the consent of the instructor. Non-degree students wishing to take a mathematics or English class must score at the required university skills levels on the placement test or successfully complete the 100 level classes before they may enroll. Non-degree students who have successfully completed freshman-level courses in mathematics and English are exempt from this requirement.

Students on non-degree status may apply to the Academic Standards Committee for formal admission to the University upon successful completion of 12 or more hours of credit with a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 or better.


Requests for transcripts must be in written form. Transcript request forms may be downloaded or picked up in the Office of Admissions and Records. Current or former students may call the office at 624-7143 and a Transcript Request Form will be mailed to them. Written letters or faxed requests for transcripts must contain the following information:

  1. Student's Name (including any previous names used);
  2. Current Address and Telephone Number;
  3. Social Security Number;
  4. Date of Birth;
  5. Semester and campus of last attendance;
  6. Address to which transcript should be mailed;
  7. Student's signature.

There is no charge for transcripts of work completed at ENMU-Roswell. However, transcripts cannot be issued for students who have outstanding accounts with the University. This policy is applicable to all debts, including, but not limited to, student loans, and regardless of whether the debts have been discharged in any proceeding under the United States Bankruptcy Act.

Prior to the release of transcripts from ENMU-Roswell, all student Admissions files must be complete. This includes the requirement that High School transcripts (with High School Graduation date posted), GED transcripts (if applicable), as well as official transcripts from all other universities previously attended must be received prior to the release of any student transcripts from ENMU-Roswell.

Official transcripts bearing the Seal of the University are issued only to institutions and/or agencies. Unofficial / Student copies without the official seal are issued directly to students upon written request. ENMU-Roswell does not fax transcripts, either official or unofficial.

No transcripts from other institutions will be released. Students who desire copies of their transcripts from other institutions should write directly to the institutions previously attended. If any other information is needed concerning students or their records, written requests from students will be required.

Course Withdrawal

Students may withdraw from a course between the last day to register and the date established in the University Calendar as the last date for withdrawal from the University. Course withdrawal for non-attendance may be initiated by instructors with approval from the Dean of Instruction.

University Withdrawal

Students may completely withdraw from the University at any time before the date established in the University Calendar as the last day to withdraw from the University.

Students who are forced by emergency circumstances to leave the University without officially withdrawing should notify the Student Development Office in writing and request an administrative withdrawal.

When an officially enrolled student decides to cease attending any or all courses, the student is responsible for initiating withdrawal action through the Student Development Office. Merely discontinuing class attendance does not constitute a drop or a withdrawal. To complete this process, the student must obtain a Withdrawal Form from the Student Development Office, complete the form, obtain the required signatures, and return the completed form to the Office of Admissions and Records. The Student Development staff will make the appropriate phone calls to the offices to request the clearance. In the event that the student has not been cleared from a particular area, it is the student's responsibility to obtain the required signature before completing the process.

Students should complete the withdrawal process in person. However, if the student is unable to appear, he/she may submit a written request to the Student Development Office. Such withdrawals will be effective as of the date the letter is postmarked. Telephone requests for withdrawal will not be accepted, and a third party, other than a designated official of the University, may not request a student's withdrawal without the expressed, written authorization of the student.

Adding/Dropping a Course

Students may add and/or drop courses only during the period of time specified in the University Calendar. Students cannot enroll or add courses after the late registration deadline has passed.