Program Title Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning - Refrigeration Technology
Program Description "HVACR" is a rapidly growing field with crossover into many other industries, such as construction and clean energy.  Our program offers students commercial HVACR training and numerous opportunities to test for and earn industry recognized certifications.
Program O*Net URL 49-9021.00 Heating and A/C Mechanics and Installers
Estimated Complete Program Cost Tuition and Fees In-District $2736, Out-of-District $2916, Nonresident $6804
Estimated Complete Program Cost Room and Board $10,488
Estimated Complete Program Cost Books and Supplies $ 1025
Other Program Costs Lab Fee (HVAC 101) $25.00
Lab Fee (HVAC 235) $25.00
HVAC Readiness and Certification Exam Fees (ELEC 202, HVAC 101, HVAC 201, HVAC 203, HVAC 212) $15.00- $18.00
Refrigeration Lab Fee (REFR 203, REFR 205, REFR 210) $10.00
Refrigerant Handling Certification Fee (HVAC 202) $15.00
Length of Program (Normal Time) 3 Semesters 41 credit hours
Number of Students that Completed the Program 0
Number of Students that Completed within Normal Time N/A
Job Placement Rates for Students Completing the Program n
Median Program Federal Student Loan Debt N/A
Median Program Private Loan Debt N/A
Median Program Institutional Financing Plan Debt N/A
Notes Median Salary $40,520