Program Title Media Arts - Graphic Design
Program Description The graphic design certificate of employability prepares students for the competitive digital production marketplace by developing artistic mastery in various areas of media arts.
Program O*Net URL 27-1024.00 - Graphic Designers
Estimated Complete Program Cost Tuition and Fees In-Districtt-$1824;  out-of-District-$1944  non-resident-$4536
Estimated Complete Program Cost Room and Board $6992
Estimated Complete Program Cost Books and Supplies $410
Other Program Costs $308 in course and distance education fees
Length of Program (Normal Time) 2 semesters 26 Cedit Hours
Number of Students that Completed the Program 0
Number of Students that Completed within Normal Time N/A
Job Placement Rates for Students Completing the Program N/A
Median Program Federal Student Loan Debt N/A
Median Program Private Loan Debt N/A
Median Program Institutional Financing Plan Debt N/A
Notes Median Salary
Annual: $38,300