Program TitleMedia Arts - Animation
Program Description
The Animation certificate of employability prepares students for the rapidly developing field through the application of cutting edge software.
Program O*Net URL, 27.1014 Multi-Media Artists & Animators
Estimated Complete Program Cost Tuition and Feesinresident-$1570.80; outresidence-$1642.80 nonresident-$3970.80
Estimated Complete Program Cost Room and Board$7270
Estimated Complete Program Cost Books and Supplies$70.00
Other Program Costs
$400 in course fees
Length of Program (Normal Time)Two semesters 20 Credit hours
Number of Students that Completed the Program
Number of Students that Completed within Normal TimePending
Job Placement Rates for Students Completing the Program
Median Program Federal Student Loan DebtPending
Median Program Private Loan DebtPending
Median Program Institutional Financing Plan DebtPending
NotesMedian Salary Hourly: $28.01 Annual: $58,250